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Embrace Your Passion

I was raised in a musical household. Our dad was a music educator and administrator (public school and university level) and mom was an arts administrator.  Both were arts and community advocates as well. My sister gave me my first guitar lesson and my brother taught me the DMaj hammer-on for "Country Roads" by James Taylor. I've pretty much been going no-stop since then in music, theater and arts education.

Life in Song

Everything and anything can become a song. I have stacks and stacks of spiral notebooks, notepads and random scraps of paper with bits and pieces of songs. A chorus here, a verse there, maybe this one is a middle 8. Most are fragments of conversation. One of my rules is, "Be careful what you say around me. It may become a song lyric."

Live Inspired

I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of me, my community and my life's journey. My ongoing goals:

  • Never Give Up
  • Tell Your Story
  • Find Your Tribe
  • Do something both creative and positive
  • Save the world one starfish at a time

David's New CD: "Hope"




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Musicians featured on "HOPE"

David Simmons: Music & Lyrics, Guitars, Bass, Vocals


Gardner Cole (Madona, A-Ha, Amy Grant): Producer, Keys, Drums, Loops, Backing Vocals


Walt Versen (My Friend): Executive Producer, Backing Vocals


JK Simmons (My Brother) : Executive Producer, Backing Vocals


Niko Simmons (My Son): Backing Vocals


Neal Doughty (REO Speedwagon): Keyboards, Backing Vocals


Tony Levin (King Crimson, Stickmen, Peter Gabriel): Bass


Emilio Castillo (Tower of Power): Tenor Sax, Backing Vocals


Tom E. Politzer (Tower of Power): Tenor Sax, Backing Vocals



L-R: Tom E. Politzer, David Simmons, Emilio Castillo - "One of these things is not like the other"


Cristiana Cole: Photography and Art Direction


L-R: David Simmons, Zoro The Burro, Neal Doughty, Garnder Cole - Hanging out in the pasture on the grounds of Dreamboard Studios, Scottsdale AZ


L-R: David Simmons, JK Simmons - On location for "Counterpart" in LA, CA


L-R: David Simmons, JK SImmons, Walt Versen - The Beautiful, Bald Brain Trust; Charter Members


L-R: Walt Versen, David Simmons, Niko Simmons - The Beautiful, Bald Brain Trust expands its ranks (welcome to the dark side, Niko)


L-R: David Simmons, Tony Levin, Walt Versen - The Beautiful, Bald Brain Trust continues to expand its ranks. Tony Levin, your membership may well predate ours. You've been rocking the look for some time now.


L-R: David Simmons, Tony Levi, Walt Versen - The B3T comes up for air


David laying down some vocals at Avalon Sound in Scottsdale, AZ


L-R: Walt Versen, David Simmons, Emilio Castillo - "The Usual Suspects"


L-R: David Simmons, Gardner Cole, JK Simmons - Avalond Sound, Scottsdale AZ

Tom E. Politzer (Tower of Power) layin' down his solo for the tag of "Things Change" on the UBU Records release: HOPE

Gardner Cole (Madonna, A-ha, Amy Grant) Groovin' at the Avalon Studios master control desk. Gardner served as producer, keys, loops, backing vocals, drums and co-conspiritor with David on his UBU Records release, HOPE

Behind the scenes while recording David's new CD: HOPE, featuring;

  • JK Simmons, Walt Versen, Niko Simmons and Gardner Cole: Backing Vocals
  • Tom E. Polizter and Emilio Castillo: Tenor Sax

HOPE: Promotional DEMO Video